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Medlab Clinical is a collective of scientists, doctors, innovators and researchers. Within our commitment to improve your health outcomes, we are proud to now offer both practitioners and patients, a free virtual consultation with our team of qualified Naturopaths and Pharmacists.

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No obligation

Our 20 minute virtual consultations are absolutely free and no credit card will be required.



Recognise what foods to eat, when and why for health and growth


Learn how exercise, work, stress and rest affect your health


Discover and discuss how diet and lifestyle will benefit your health

Product Advice

Identify what products are suitable for your health concerns

Sick Certificates

Under the Fair Work Act 2009, Our Pharmacists have the authority to issue Absence from Work Certificates as proof of legitimate absence from work.

Absence from Work Certificates are issued at the pharmacists’ discretion and you must select a Pharmacist when booking your consultation.

Refer to our FAQ section for more info

Meet our team

All Medlab virtual consultants are experienced, fully trained and accredited naturopaths, pharmacists or doctors

Clinic consultation at a click

We understand your fast paced lifestyle makes it difficult to schedule a visit to the clinic.

Get access to quality consultations from the comfort of your own home.